Integrated Solutions for Small Business – Zoho Books

zoho-books-accounting-softwareWith a suite of small business solutions that are tightly integrated, Zoho Books offers a fresh and low-cost alternative to QuickBooks. For one low price, you get an accounting system, a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, Invoicing, Reporting, Remote, Mobile, People (HR), Sales, and more so you can run your business with better information than ever before.

Zoho Books Certified

If you’re new to Zoho Books, we’ll be happy to introduce you to the product. We’re certified in the software and can help you determine which modules you need and help you get them set up.

The types of small businesses that will work well on Zoho Books include:

  • Startups
  • Services of all kinds
  • Companies with inventory needs, such as retail shops
  • Companies that require a CRM and other modules to be tightly integrated with their accounting system
  • Companies that need strong mobile functionality
  • Companies that bill using time and materials
  • And many others – please ask us for more details

Mobile Marvel

mobile-zoho-books-mobile-appsThe clients that we have on Zoho Books rave about their mobile functions. They are easy to use for those of you who need to perform business functions on the go. One example is you can attach receipts directly to an expense from the mobile app or the computer.

More Users

Do you need more people to access Zoho Books? No problem, and no extra charge.

Complimentary Consult

We offer bookkeeping, setup, consulting, troubleshooting, and more on Zoho Books. To set up a no-cost, no-obligation consultation on Zoho Books, give us a call ____ or email us at ____ today.